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Box 5201 Lacombe, AB T4L1W9

Registration closed April 15, 2016. 

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2016 Season

Interested in coaching?  Email Coach Coordinator

Questions about Competitive vs. Community?  Email Competitive Director

Interested in being an Umpire?  Email Umpire Coordinator

Schedule of Divisions in LMB  

    Rally Cap- Monday/Wednesday 

    U9 (Formerly Rookie) - Tues/Thursday

    Community teams- Monday/Wednesday (U11 - Mosquito,  U13 - Peewee, U15 - Bantam will also have games on a variety of nights depending on other Central Alberta League teams)

    Competitive teams- Tuesday and Thursday and every other weekend until August


2016 LMBA Rates:

Rally Cap Program (Ages born in 2009-2011): $65.00

U9 Formerly Rookie (Ages 2007-2008): $145.00

U11 Community 
Formerly Mosquito (Ages born in 2005-2006): $215.00

U11 Competitive: $305.00

U13 Community Formerly PeeWee (Ages born in 2003-2004): $220.00

U13 Competitive: $310.00

U15 Community Formerly Bantam (Ages born in 2001-2002): $230.00

U15 Competitive: $320.00

U18  Formerly Midget (Ages born in 1998-2000): $235.00

U18 Competitive: 325.00

Bat Regulations & Rule Changes

2014 Rule Change - ALL LEVELS - Force Play Slide Rule- The intent of the force-slide rule is to ensure the safety of all players.  Whether the force-play could have completed the double play has no berring on the applicability of this rule.  This rule pertains to a force-play situation at any base, regardless of the number of outs.  On a force play, the runner must slide on the ground before the base and in the direction line between the two bases.

(More detail abour the rule change can be found on page 28 of the Alberta Baseball 2014 Handbook)

2015 Bat Rules  - Link to Baseball Alberta Bat Regulations
Posted on Wed, February 18, 2015